Solar panel cleaners in London

In the Spring of 2016 we were asked to offer a quote for the cleaning of this 200 panel solar array located in Central London. This particular array is situated on the roof of a manufacturing company’s headquarters. We required the use of a wheeled M.E.W.P. to gain access to the roof.

In addition to carrying out the solar panel cleaning, we were also able to inspect the building’s guttering and roof fittings (air-conditioning vents etc) whilst we had use of a cherry-picker. All guttering and down-pipes were inspected for blockages and the ventilation fittings were inspected for any defects. Three were found and reported to the company so it could ensure they were repaired.

Later in the year we were asked to return, by the same company, to clean the building’s cladding.

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Solar panel array Cleaning
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